Azores 2017 - Part Three

November 06, 2017
Parts One and Two So first up lets talk about the first whale I saw in the Azores, one that shouldn't really have been there at all. The Fin Whale. The Baleen whales (Hu...
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Azores 2017 - Part Two

October 25, 2017
My trip to the Azores was one of joy and photography, the first part of my blog can be found here … This is Part 2, I thought I would start off with the resident Sperm W...
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Azores 2017 - Introduction and Part One

October 18, 2017
10 years ago, as a birthday present, I went to the Azores to swim with wild dolphins, with a friend of mine. It was a fantastic trip and I had bought a waterproof case fo...
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Black and White Cats

September 21, 2017
Towards the beginning of the year I put together and shared a series of black and white photographs of big cats. These are some of my best and most favourite Cat encou...
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Risso's Dolphins

September 11, 2017
10 years ago I went to the Azores as a birthday present, since that date I've been saying I will go back, this year I decided it was that time and booked a week on the is...
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First blog

June 02, 2017
I've had an external blog for years but it was also 3 years out of date because I, unfortunately, never found the time to keep up with it. I thought I would integrate it...
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